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Producing and marketing a product does not just mean having developed a good product. It means knowing how to best communicate the benefits and advantages of your device or service through the language of science and marketing tools. It also means knowing the dynamics of the industry and responding effectively to the requests that come from doctors, distributors, and experts. Challenges that in some cases turn into problems to be solved. Problems that may seem small, e.g., statistics, journal choice, editing, they can unnecessarily stall a company for months if not properly faced. Some quick services are available below, to nimbly help companies to overcome common issues in this industry.

MDR consultancy

We chat and we dissect all the perplexities about clinical data required by MDR, pre-market, and post-market studies.


Help, do I need a statistician?

Statistical analysis to plan a study, power calculation, or to analyze already collected data and bring out their significance.


I want to publish my work

Free evaluation of the manuscript or data at hand, then we will calmly assess what can be done together.


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