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Sciently provides scientific advice to manufacturers, distributors, and physicians in the world of medical devices and scientific services. We collaborate with research institutes and vendor networks. We create and enhance the scientific value of a product to face the market with confidence and leadership. We help companies deal with the toughest clinical regulated requirements.

For any needs you can write to me using the contact form on the side.

Sciently partners

Through Sciently I collaborate with research institutions, doctors, manufacturing companies, researchers, statisticians, graphic designers, video makers, web designers. Because I do whatever it takes to create value to a product.

Sciently can help...

  • Manufacturers facing surveillance and clinical investigations under Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR)
  • Companies that want to measure themselves against ethics committees and international scientific journals
  • Distributors who want to collect more data on their product to boost its selling
  • Physicians who work 24/7 but would like to see their work published
  • Those who have already contacted a C.R.O., but they are looking for more clarity, flexibility and accessibility and, perhaps, a partner for long-term collaborations  

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